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Scientific and Technological Innovation Ignites a New Engine for the Development of Land Assessment

Since the Fifth Plenary Session of the Sixteenth Central Committee officially proposed beautiful countryside, the use of rural land and agricultural land resources has received great attention. The key is how to rationally arrange the planning of agricultural land, roads, ditches, settlements and other areas according to local conditions and the natural conditions of various regions, as well as land adjustment between land use units. In particular, the scientific arrangement of agricultural land is the top priority, “planning” a sustainable future, maximizing the utilization rate of agricultural land, and improving the carrying capacity of the rural ecological environment are all hubs for promoting agricultural modernization and new rural construction, promoting the process of urban-rural integration, and empowering rural revitalization. Only when sustainable rural development becomes a reality can “nostalgia” no longer become a memory.

The high-quality progress and development of all walks of life are inseparable from scientific and technological innovation as times is progressing. The same is true for land assessment of agricultural land. Relying on scientific research is conducive to improving the efficiency of land assessment activities and the accuracy of various indicators, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of scientific and rational planning of land use. “Science and technology is a double-edged sword” is familiar to everyone. How to point the safe, beneficial and human-friendly side of science and technology to social development is the eternal topic of sustainable development of science and technology. Land economist HUANG Qijun has long been aware that technology will have a huge impact on land appraisal activities. Therefore, over the years, she has been exploring the possibility of integrating land appraisal with a new generation of information technology, innovating a unique set of methodologies and a series of technological achievements in terms of land use methods and expected land returns to step on today’s achievements.

Born in 1992, HUANG Qijun, graduating from the University of Technology Sydney with a master’s degree in property development and planning, works as a land appraisal expert at Aldar Properties Limited in Australia. With high sensitivity to residential, commercial and industrial land planning, Ms. HUANG good at using theoretical knowledge and future economic development trends to solve land appraisal problems. In addition to commercial land, she also attaches great importance to the sustainable development of China’s urban and rural agricultural land. HUANG Qijun believes that the countryside is the foundation of China’s development. Huang Qijun believes that the countryside is the foundation of China’s development. Agricultural land, farmland water conservancy, rural roads, afforestation and other lines should be coordinated with high standards. The amount of inefficient construction land should be reduced to form a long-term hematopoietic system for rural revitalization. HUANG Qijun said that the efficient use of every inch of land and the overall allocation of land resources are the key elements of rural revitalization, because whether it is to promote the construction of new urbanization or promote rural revitalization, land resources are needed as support.

At present, the problems of extensive land use and inefficient land in rural areas exist to varying degrees, resulting in the phenomenon of inefficient idle land. In this regard, HUANG Qijun is committed to studying how to scientifically layout agricultural land planning, and actively guide the reallocation of land space resource elements, on this basis, she also makes excellent use of contemporary science and technology to innovate the output of “Base Price Assessment System of Agricultural Land Based on Location Theory V1.0”, so that the scientific assessment method of agricultural land has reached a qualitative leap.

The “Base Price Assessment System of Agricultural Land Based on Location Theory V1.0” is specifically centered on computer analysis and management, which can realize the input, storage and management of information of factors related to agricultural land grading and valuation. The system builds a digital elevation model by acquiring remote sensing images of agricultural land. Then it calculates agricultural land topographic factors including slope, slope direction, topographic changes, three-dimensional surface area and plot shape based on the remote sensing images and digital elevation model, which obtains agricultural land environmental factors including soil texture, soil fertility, irrigation conditions and drainage conditions from the topographic factors. The most eye-catching point of this system is that it can combine various historical data to accurately assess the later cultivation value of a plot, which greatly optimizes the accuracy of various indicators of land value assessment.

The “Base Price Assessment System of Agricultural Land Based on Location Theory V1.0” developed by HUANG Qijun promotes the conservation and intensive and efficient use of land resources, which is of great help to the work of agricultural grading. The “abandoned” agricultural land resources can be revitalized, which is conducive to the orderly arrangement of the subsequent division of rural production, living and ecological land, promotes the scientific and sustainable development of land resources, curbs the low development of rural land from the root and the inefficient use of construction land, and truly realizes “Clear waters and green mountains are as good as mountains of gold and silver.”

With years of practical experience in land appraisal, a number of near-perfect land appraisal project results that create objective benefits for the company and customers at The Aldar Properties Co., Ltd., as well as the prediction of future land appraisal and land planning trends, have made HUANG Qijun a well-known land economist in the industry. In the interval of land assessment, HUANG Qijun is also keen to explore the sense of breakthrough brought about by scientific and technological innovation. She is a veritable all-round development talent. In addition to the “Base Price Assessment System of Agricultural Land Based on Location Theory V1.0” , she has also independently developed and promoted technologies such as “Land Acquisition Cost Calculation System V1.0 Based on Big Data Computing” and “Land Acquisition Scheme Formulation System V1.0 Based on Dynamic Data Mining”, injecting fresh blood into China’s land assessment informatization construction.

China’s land appraisal industry has been in the wind and rain for more than 30 years. In each era, a group of land appraisal elite talents have been born. In this era, HUANG Qijun will ride on the wind of the third scientific and technological revolution to meet new opportunities and challenges.


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